Introducer with two introduction positions with clamps located at each end of the machine.
With fixing system for the central part of the garment, without having to look for the ends of the garment to fix it.
2 CHARGING STATIONS, one on each side of the machine
Operators place the sheet on one side in the feeding clamps. These move the garment to the correction roller that takes the
sheet and corrects it using servo motors, which allows a very fast and precise correction.
Once aligned, a vacuum system takes the sheet and delivers it to the exit conveyor to the finisher.

Up to 700 sheets per hour
** The capacity depends on the dimensions of the sheet
Synchronized speed with calender
PLC controlled with color touch screen
Up to 99 program capacity

Easy to use
Operators do not need to search for
corners or even the correct side, as the roller
correction aligns the sheet automatically

Easy maintenance
Since the EXTRA is based on a correction roller
and a vacuum system to pass the sheet to the
ironer, virtually no mechanical systems
complexes or moving parts that require a large

  • Automatic introducer movement
  • Stretching brushes on exit belts, in 1 lane
  • Aspiring table with aspiring drawer. For manual entry
  • Reject and break pushbuttons
  • Fence and ladder
  • Speed sync
  • Different power from 400-III-N-T-50hz
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