It facilitates and accelerates the garment introduction operation for large productions, up to 1,600 pieces / hour.
It can work with tweezers or in manual mode. Manual mode for small items.

UNIX 3: 3 workstations
UNIX 4: 4 workstations

Available in 1 or 2 lanes.
With mobile suction drawer, for optimum quality.
Manual insertion of clothes to the ironer, it can be used for small and large pieces interchangeably.
For all types of street clothes, bedding, tablecloths and the like.
Adjustable speed. Flatwork ironer synchronization.
Front suction in bands with two suction intensities.
Suction drawer for detangling adjustable by frequency variator.
Lighting for clothing rejection.
Easy to use
PLC with predefined and open programs.
Control panel with LCD, touch screen.
Push buttons to reject clothes.

Easy maintenance
Ladder and walkway for maintenance.
Automatic cleaning of the suction fans.
Easy access side and front covers.


  • Sandwich Tape
  • Stretching brushes for 1 lane, on exit belts
  • Stretching brushes for 1 or 2 lanes, on exit belts
  • Direct introduction
  • Exit conveyor-elevator
  • Production counter
  • Synchronization speed
  • Different power supply from 400V-III-T 50hz
  • Different power supply from 480V-III-T 60hz
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