The LIBRA XL folder is the ideal solution to fold terry items and similar products.
By means of a system of suitably channelled air jets, the machine is able to fold linen of dfferent dimensions from bidet towels to bath towels.
Up to 4 criteria for an automatic classification of the different sizes of the garments.

LIBRA 1 XL: 1 manual item selection
LIBRA 3 XL: 3 automatic item selection
LIBRA 4 XL: 4 automatic item selection

Max. wide 1.200 mm. (min: 480mm.)
Max width 2.400 mm. (min: 480mm.)
Lenght folds: (1/2) – (1/3)
Crossfolds:: 2, (1/2) – (1/2) o (1/3)
Lenght folds by air jets.
Crossfolds by air jets and rollers.
Easy to use
In the automatic version the operator can introduce items of different dimensions and the machine will separate them automatically to create up to 4
different stacks of folded items, one for each type.
PLC with 20 predefinded programs and 79 configurable.
Control panel with Touch screen.
Lower output to configurable output belt.
Selectable working parameters from the keyboard.
All work functions displayed on the display.
Warning of errors and alarms on keyboard.
Partial and total calculation of production.

Easy Maintenance
Cotton transport bands.
Easy acces to side and front covers.

  • Linen reject (diry/damaged)
  • Tension 400V-III-T 50hz
TOWEL FOLDER Folder designed and built to fold towels of different sizes, from bath mats to beach towels.
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