Chest ironer with a diameter of 800 mm x 3,300 mm wide.
Flexible chest, thermal oil heating (gas or electric).
Clothes exit detachers, avoiding the marks of the guide tapes.
Exit table (600 mm).

Flexible chest, made of 100% carbon steel, raised / adapted by hydraulic actuators.
Efficiency increase of up to 50% compared to ironers that heat the roller.
Ironing surface up to 207.5º. Spring-press springs and high temperature fleece
Easy to use
PLC with 4 ”color touch screen, allows to create different ironing programs with different speeds and temperatures.
Smart-LED lighting system, indicates working width and illuminates the introduction strips, indicating errors and other technical data.

The thermal oil circulates through the tank and is heated by a gas burner incorporated in the same machine, for the gas version. For the electric version, electric heating elements are in charge of heating.

Easy maintenance
Equipped with easily removable panels.
Roller driven by a direct drive system, without belts.
Burner away from electronic components.
Easy handling with a lift.

Lapauw individual springs
Start-stop pedal
LPG gas kit (Gas model)
Wall system (return to the front)
Guide tapes
Non-standard, special voltage
(Standard voltage: 400V + III + N + T + 50Hz)
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